"Retail Store Location"

The gargoyle store is pretty much a online store. We have a small office near downtown Campbell, and while it is a office we do have cool gargoyles displayed if you happen to be in the area.

"Ordering Information"

"UPS Transit Time Map"

Click here for a map showing the time that UPS will take to deliver your package. Please note that the days indicated on the map are only regular Monday to Friday (Weekends and Holidays don't count).

"Ordering Information"

You can call, use the Shopping Cart, email the order form or send a regular email to order or to ask questions. We are usually working long hours. Call any reasonable time and you will usually catch us in.

The credit card is not charged until the day the gargoyles ship.

We accept payment via Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express and/or check or money order.

We ship to another person as a gift.

"Shipping Information"

Standard shipping is UPS Ground Service. We are located in California, and UPS will deliver to most areas in no more than five business days (Business days are Monday to Friday, and not Saturday, Sunday or Holiday days). Some of the more remote areas take additional time.

Rick, our UPS Driver

We will ship any way that you want! UPS offers a Three Day Select service that is rather affordable and will deliver to most addresses in three business days. Overnight via FedEx UPS and others available. We ship to Post Office Boxes using the Post Office.

We ship to International addresses. The least expensive is post office parcel post. This will take 4 - 6 weeks. For the smaller or medium size pieces the postage is quite resonable. Some of the larger pieces can not be shipped via the post office.

Legend of The Smith Boys

If you had known the young Smith boys--Dana and Barry--you would have never guessed that they would end up owning a store with what is probably the largest selection of Gargoyles on Planet Earth.

Dana and Barry were typical California boys growing up in Southern California. They swam in their parents pool, went to the ocean to surf and skin dive, and went to the movies with their friends. They both had crew cuts and did their homework on time. They hung out at area malls with their friends. But something must have been stirring in these young boys...something odd...

It didn't manifest itself in the young Smith boys until much later in life. Both boys as young adults worked for major corporations. But they were both drawn to the unusual--the mysterious--side of our human existence. No, they weren't completely happy in their corporate environment, which was now Northern California. Dana lived (and still does) in Silicon Valley -- Barry in Sacramento, California.

They were searching for something else, something different, something unusual to do with their lives.

Approaching mid-life, both Dana and Barry wanted to explore uncharted territory with their remaining years. But it had to be something unusual.

Then one day Dana and Barry were exploring the City by the Bay--San Francisco. Home of cable cars and Alcatraz. While biking through The City, Dana happened to rest against a rusted old lamp post. While he waited for Barry to bring up the rear he chanced to look up. Above him--and the other humans--was a gargoyle! A very cool gargoyle, actually. Dana and Barry were fascinated by this creature guarding the building and all those who passed below.

But Dana was drawn--inspired really--by this creature. Maybe because it was a mysterious beast. Or maybe because the creature reminded him of his brother Barry. But a thought occurred to him--could he and his brother sell these fascinating creatures to others (and maybe make a living at it)?

Dana mentioned his vision to Barry who immediately recognized the possibilities of such a venture. If nothing else, it would be an education and something fun to do. Novus Enterprises -- now called The Stone Griffin -- was launched in December of 1995.

And today, if you visit The Stone Griffin in Campbell, California, you will find a tremendous selection of gargoyles. Along with fountains, art and oddities, it is truly a very impressive collection.

Whenever time has allowed, Dana has traveled back to San Francisco to try to locate that first gargoyle which inspired him to study the origin of this particular grotesque. He has yet to lay eyes on this creature again--what with his terrible sense of direction, It has proved to be an evasive creature. Maybe it will appear again in his life one day. Maybe its cousin, or brother, is at the store, watching over 'his' domain, keeping an eye on all the gargoyles and grotesques at the store. And maybe keeping an eye on Dana as well.

Dana has proven adept at the study of gargoyles and has just recently had the Doctor of Gargoylogy (D.o.G) degree confered upon him by the learned institute of Arcane Science and Mystic Studies located somewhere in the Santa Cruz mountains near where he lives. The rigors of the exam process had left him a bit drained, but the color has returned to his face and he is back at our store wowing all with bits and pieces of trivia about gargoyles.

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The Stone Griffin | Campbell, California | 408/374-5210