The catalog is split into sections to allow us to display rather big images. We offer many different gargoyles and grotesques, dragons and griffins -- from accurate historical reproductions to unique contemporary works of art -- in a variety of styles, sizes, compositions, finishes, and colors. Indoor and outdoor models are available.

Gargoyles, Gargoyle Statues Catalog Section 1

Gargoyles, Gargoyle Statues Catalog Section 2

Gargoyles, Gargoyle Statues Catalog Section 3

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Gargoyles, Gargoyle Statues Catalog Section 4

Catalog Section 5 -- Celtic Crosses, Celtic Bowls, Celtic Jewelry Boxes

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Section 6--Skulls, Craniums, Crystal Skulls, Day of the Dead Skeleton

Section 7--Candle Holders. Cat Gargoyles, Dragon Candle Holders.

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Section 8--Fun Stuff!

Section 9--Dragons & Wizards

Section 10--Art and Oddities

Section 11--Green Man Sculptures

Section 12--Griffins, gryphons, griffons

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