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Dragon Folding Knife

A beautiful folding knife silkscreened with a tattoo inspired dragon design.

Stainless Steel. The skull knife is 8" opened, the blade is just under 4", very compact and light weight.

The price is $48. Imported.

Itty Bitty Baby Dragon

This hand painted itty bitty baby dragon is cute as a bug's ear!

Indoor. Resin. Imported. Price is $14

Dragon Salt/Pepper

This dragon salt and pepper set have magnets in the bellies of the dragons so that they stay connected.

Dragon Salt/Pepper is $12 (for the set of two).

Indoor / Outdoor. Resin. Imported.

Celtic Dragon Box

This rather lame photo does not show all the details -- such as the black felt lining inside the box.

Celtic Dragon Box is $16.

Indoor / Outdoor. Resin. Imported.

Dragon Bookends

"The Dragon on the left is a male dragon, the dragon on the right is a female."

Dragon bookends are $52.00 each -- $99 for a set of two. If you want just one -- then please specify Male/Left and/or Female/Right.

Color is Brown Stone.

Indoor / Hydrocal. Made in USA.

Guardian Dragon

"The Guardian Dragon is a statue with a stately presence. "

Guardian Dragon is 12" tall for $99.00.

Color is Brown Stone.

Indoor / Hydrocal. Made in USA.

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