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Warick Griffin

Warwick is great desk top guardian.

The color is Bronze Patina. Price is $16.

Indoor, plaster. Made in USA.

Egyptian Griffin Statue

The Egyptian Griffin Statue is modeled after artifacts found from ancient Egypt.

The color is moss, 12 1/2" tall. Price is $62.

Indoor / Outdoor, resin. Made in USA.

Guardian Griffin Statue

This powerful statue of a griffin is made of fiberglass with some stone bonded into the finish so that it has the aged look of stone, but durable and lighter.

The color is Mossy Stone. 15" tall, 11" deep. Price is $119.

Indoor / Outdoor Resin. Made in USA.

Celtic Gryphon

Celtic Gryphon is a powerful piece.

Celtic Griffin is $119.

The color is bronze. 9 1/2" tall, 12" deep. Click on photo for another picture.

Indoor / Resin / Bronze. Made of cold cast bronze (real bronze powder mixed with resin and then cast). Imported.

'Gray Griffin

The Gray Griffin -- as all griffins do -- is ready to protect your gold and other treasures with his commanding presence!

Gray Griffin is $26.

The color is gray.

Indoor / Resin. Imported.

Standing Griffin

The Standing Griffin is about 5 1/2" tall, price is $24.00.


Griffin Sconce

This Griffin sconce is about 10" tall, comes off the wall the top is a shelf which is 5" deep and 7" wide.

This piece is a heavy, solid well made sculpture, color is Antique Taupe, and the price is $109.00.

Made in Canada.

'Vigilant Griffin

"Let this Vigilant Griffin guard your gold or other treasures."

Vigilant Griffin is 6 3/4" tall for $39.00.

Color is Gray.

Indoor / Hydrocal. Made in USA.

Lion / Griffin Plaque

"Standing guard in a gothic arch, the Winged Lion is carefully protecting an hourglass, symbolically helping to prevent lost or wasted time.

The legendary griffin is known to guard the wealth of nobility. This honorable Griffin stands guard in an arched doorway and holds in his talon the key of good fortune.."

The Lion and Griffin plaques are 5" tall for $12.00 each.

Color is Charcoal.

Indoor / Hydrocal. Made in USA.

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